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Balvay wines, a great family history

Our philosophy

Established in the Beaujolais vineyards in the commune of Chénas since 1950, the Domaine de Roche Noire and the Domaine des Rosiers now cover nearly 20 hectares with clear and precise guidelines.

always more faithful to the soil

Balvay Père & Fils wines have the will to respect the soils, the earth with an awareness of the benefits that nature gives us.

Accentuation of the breeding

For wines always more worked, the breeding is put forward with macerations in barrels of oaks and with tanks of regulation allowing to preserve a homogenization of the temperature of the wine in its whole.

The history of Balvay Père & Fils wines

Family heritage for 3 generations, the Domaines de Roche Noire and des Rosiers are above all a family story


1995 | 2011

Construction of the vats

In 1995, a first vat house was built in the old village of Chénas. With a wine exploitation which was growing more and more, was born a second cuvage thereafter.


The Domaine de Roche Noire

The Domaine de Roche Noire has existed for much longer in the shadows... Nevertheless, Patrick Balvay made the judicious choice to formalize the Domaine with a limited liability farm (EARL).


2019 - 2022

Investments in equipment

>> Purchase of tractors and equipment for soil cultivation.

>> Replacement of cement tanks by regulation tanks.


The Domaine Des Rosiers

The Rosiers estate represents 6 ha of Moulin-à-Vent and was taken over following the retirement of Tanguy's uncle. A domain that was already in the family. On this occasion, Tanguy enters the family adventure and continues to canvass new customers with a basic network, already well developed by his uncle.

History of the Domain :

Gérard CHARVET was a man passionate about his vineyard and his wine. His family, living in Chénas for more than a century, made him a meticulous and hardworking winegrower. Since the death of his father in 1983, Gérard has taken over the estate with talent with Tanguy Balvay.

Cuves en Inox

A team

Father and son

A complicity which makes the work of good wines and which are thought with passion

Patrick Balvay


Patrick Balvay

Tanguy Balvay


Tanguy Balvay


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